What you want, wants you

Photo credit: Tricia

Another weekend is among us. Shit. It’s September. Kids are back in school, and before you know it, we’ll be dusting off our fall coats and scarves.

There really is something to the old saying about how the older you get, time flies so much faster. Some days, I still can’t believe I’m a grown up.

Some of us have already celebrated a birthday this year, while others, (like me), are gearing up for our big days in the months ahead.

No matter how you slice it – time ticks by – and there’s no way to stop it – so, we can either sit around wishing for what we want, or actually DO SOMETHING about it.

Let’s take a moment to think about the time left in this year.

Four months. What can be accomplished in four months?

What I love about Tricia, (the lovely lady with the sign aove) and her inspiring Joyologist Page , is that she serves as a reminder for us all that we can follow our dreams, no matter how unattainable, scary, miniscule or silly they seem.

Start with asking yourself – WHAT DO I WANT?

It could be to lose a little weight, organize your office, spend more time with friends/family/pets/kids, a date, to reach a fitness goal, write a book, apply for your dream job, eat healthier, see a movie, learn a new language, stop smoking, take a cooking class, fall in love, forgive yourself, make peace with someone, go back to school.. it could be anything.

Leave your answer in the comments, and let’s feed off the energy of our dreams.

And remember today’s mantra:

What you want, wants you

10 thoughts on “What you want, wants you

  1. I’ll go second :o)

    I want to start doing yoga regularly, to finally strengthen my neck after an old injury, to start eating clean, to beat my addiction to Coke (not THAT kind…Coca-Cola!), to learn one great self-defense punch, drink more water, and have as much PEACE in my life as possible :o) Love your site Christine!! xoxoxo


  2. You know what I want? Two of my friends and I are starting a company that packs inspirations and information in a new, handy, cool way. I want us to knock it out of the ballpark! We have been having so much fun working on it, I can’t imagine it going any other way 🙂 I forgot how much I love to create and be surrounded my amazing, creative people. Blogging can be lonely some days…


  3. I want to spend more time outside and lose my fear of taking my dog with me to places. It’s an anxiety that holds me back. The other day I was complaining about it, and my boyfriend was like “You are doing it all wrong. It’s not that you wish you could go outside more and be in the woods. It’s that you can do those things. Say, I will go in the woods. I will spend more time outside tomorrow.” And it really hit me that he was right, I am so empowered in some ways and yet totally a slave to silly thoughts in other ways. So, I want to spend more time exploring the outdoors in my city with my dog and also alone!


      1. Also, he just texted me saying the sunset was great. So I took a pretty long walk examining it from all angles, getting swept away in the Texas-sized colors….it was amazing. And if I had not just reflected on it for this comment, maybe I would have thought differently about leaving to do it. Amazing!
        Thank you for that inspiration 🙂


  4. Seriously, I’d like a nap and a full day off of no responsibilities – just flop in bed or on the couch, and not do anything.
    It’s probably not going to happen, but that’s what I would like.

    And I have faith that you can stick through everything on your list in the first comment, Christine! You and the rest of your commenters.


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