Walk of Shame


I knew this story had some legs. I just had no idea they’d take me twenty years down the road, to a phone line with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Mike Catherwood and comedian Greg Fitzsimmons.

How it went down: I was tucked in bed last night about ready to log off my Twitter account, when the hilarious team at Loveline sent a tweet asking for the most embarrassing “Walk of Shame” stories.

What’s a “Walk of Shame”, you ask? Oh, so many things… but in a nutshell, it’s the walk home (or to your car, or cab…) after a night of naked play time with someone you just met at a club or party (or grocery store, if that’s your thing). If you want a visual example of one, NO ONE does it better than Madonna at the end of her Justify My Love video, as she scurries down the hallway, shit-grin and suitcase in hand.

I’m no Madonna, but my story is good, so I tweeted it to Loveline and they replied immediately.

“Please call in with that. It’s so good.” was their response. So I did.

Here’s the audio of the call.


A fun chat with Dr. Drew, and a website plug to his audience? That’s what you call: Spontaneous Win.

2 thoughts on “Walk of Shame

  1. Christine, I ache when I hear stories like this… not because I have 3 daughters who will all invariably “make the long walk” but because as a man, I don’t feel comfortable with sending anyone off “just like that”. I mean, you have to shower/bathe/wash up before you leave me and look presentable… no rush to get to the “pushin’ and gushin'”, got to arrange those clothes so they aren’t too wrinkled… it goes on and on..!

    Now I have been this way since my cherry days, so it is not anything new… just felt like putting that out there, and I really think that the “walk” needs to be reclaimed somehow… why is there “shame” involved..? Hell, Mother’s have made the walk..! So let’s give women all over a break..!


    1. Mark, you are adorable. I LOVED every single “walk of shame” I did in my 20s. It’s a right of passage. Nothing more. And it’s really just an expression…I wasn’t at all ashamed. More like “walk of dame”…


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