Mirror Mirror, is that ME?

Ever look at old photos and think to yourself – Holy Shit, is that me?

It may seem crazy to want to share my ugliest, most horrific, life-altering moments with the world, but THIS is what gives our pain meaning.

In sharing our pain, we take back the power our struggles rob us of when we feel like letting go. Our suffering transforms into fuel for our journey.

There’s a reason the old phrase, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger” is still around today.

Whatever you’re going through – find a way to use it. Give purpose to your pain.

I’ve never shared these photos before I met Kirsty. She’s now sharing them with the world. I hope it helps anyone who may be going through their own personal hell.

This didn’t break me. And yours doesn’t have to either.

To view photos and read her article, please visit KirstyTV HERE.

One thought on “Mirror Mirror, is that ME?

  1. You are a strong and very confident woman. You have an enviable personality.

    I wish for you that all of your healing someday soon reaches 100 percent.

    Someday, I want to read about a favorite recipe, about your misplaced keys, about your knitting or about all that’s under your wrong and bad.

    The Christine that gets caught in traffic and breaks a nail is sure to be more compelling than the average Josefine.

    Warm bests


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