Good News Tuesday: 10 acts of kindness that will warm your heart

It’s always great to read about the GOOD NEWS of the world. In light of recent events, this post can’t come soon enough.

Every now and again, I’ll highlight an article I find that focuses on GOOD NEWS. This column is called Good News Tuesday.

Spread the word.

This entry comes to us from DailyGood.Org (and Buzzfeed)

  1. Hoards of Reddit users got together to send this dying man hundreds of letters and packages.


2. Little girl’s hand-written letter to The US President about her two fathers.


3. The US President’s response.


4. One couple paying the bill for a younger couple’s Valentine dinner.


5. This small gift.


6. The family who got a complimentary meal after their 3-year-old blurted out that their house had recently burned down.


7. “The Bagel Jesus.”


8. A Good News sign.


9. The softball players on the opposing team who carried Sara Tucholsky to each base after she injured her knee touching first on her first-ever home run.


10. This concert.


For more, please visit DailyGood.Org. And remember – never lose your faith in HUMANITY.
Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.  – Scott Adams

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