Finish the sentence…

It’s always fun to step up to the question-plate when it causes us to ponder our beliefs. Our answers may not only surprise us personally, but in sharing on a public forum, they can help open up the doors of perception with others. People who may not even realize with a little introspection, they’ve come a long way (baby).

It’s worth checking out these amazing comments from the original Finish the Sentence post from last year (When I was a kid, I thought  ________, but the older I get, I realize  __________.). 

And now it’s time to throw another one out and see what you insightful, beautiful, darling readers contribute.

So let’s do this.


Finish this sentence:

“I always believed that __________________, but after
____________________, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”


There are NO WRONG ANSWERS. Your sentence can be about parenting, love, school, blogging, dating, stripping, drugs, exercise, needle-point, sky-diving, dieting, sex… ANYTHING.

This post doesn’t work without your participation, so thank you for playing in the comment section below. As always, you have the option to remain anonymous.


14 thoughts on “Finish the sentence…

  1. Here’s mine:

    “I always believed that crying and being vulnerable was a sign of weakness, but after
    connecting with others and sharing about our personal survival stories, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Crying and being vulnerable is the birthplace of happiness and strength.


  2. “I always believed that I would never be good enough or lovable, but after connecting with others and being incredibly open, honest and vulnerable, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”


  3. “I always believed that _kids are a direct reflection and product of their parents_, but after
    _having four completely different children raised exactly the same way_, I realized how OFF BASE I was!” They are their own people, making their own choices with their own unique DNA.


  4. “I always believed that marriage was bliss, but after my divorce, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Marriage takes TWO people continually at work on it. Happily Ever After is only in Fairy Tales.
    Next time I’ll choose a “worker!” 😉


  5. “I always believed that if you feel stuck you change something in your life, but after three years of constant change, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Sometimes changing external components of your life is giving up when changing yourself/your outlook/your habits and staying put and fighting is what you need. I am exhausted running away from a broken heart and somewhere in all the changes, I lost myself.


  6. “I always believed that I had to banish all my old, bad thought patterns from my mind in order to be strong and healthy, but after giving myself some grace and adopting more of a stance of radical compassion, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Our minds are so strong, the negative thoughts will always come and go. I just take note, and then watch it fly out the window.


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