It’s always fun to step up to the question-plate when it causes us to ponder our beliefs. Our answers may not only surprise us personally, but in sharing on a public forum, they can help open up the doors of perception with others. People who may not even realize with a little introspection, they’ve come a long way (baby).

It’s worth checking out these amazing comments from the original Finish the Sentence post from last year (When I was a kid, I thought  ________, but the older I get, I realize  __________.). 

And now it’s time to throw another one out and see what you insightful, beautiful, darling readers contribute.

So let’s do this.


Finish this sentence:

“I always believed that __________________, but after
____________________, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”


There are NO WRONG ANSWERS. Your sentence can be about parenting, love, school, blogging, dating, stripping, drugs, exercise, needle-point, sky-diving, dieting, sex… ANYTHING.

This post doesn’t work without your participation, so thank you for playing in the comment section below. As always, you have the option to remain anonymous.



  1. Here’s mine:

    “I always believed that crying and being vulnerable was a sign of weakness, but after
    connecting with others and sharing about our personal survival stories, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Crying and being vulnerable is the birthplace of happiness and strength.


  2. “I always believed that I would never be good enough or lovable, but after connecting with others and being incredibly open, honest and vulnerable, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”


  3. “I always believed that _kids are a direct reflection and product of their parents_, but after
    _having four completely different children raised exactly the same way_, I realized how OFF BASE I was!” They are their own people, making their own choices with their own unique DNA.


  4. “I always believed that marriage was bliss, but after my divorce, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Marriage takes TWO people continually at work on it. Happily Ever After is only in Fairy Tales.
    Next time I’ll choose a “worker!” 😉


  5. “I always believed that if you feel stuck you change something in your life, but after three years of constant change, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Sometimes changing external components of your life is giving up when changing yourself/your outlook/your habits and staying put and fighting is what you need. I am exhausted running away from a broken heart and somewhere in all the changes, I lost myself.


  6. “I always believed that I had to banish all my old, bad thought patterns from my mind in order to be strong and healthy, but after giving myself some grace and adopting more of a stance of radical compassion, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”

    Our minds are so strong, the negative thoughts will always come and go. I just take note, and then watch it fly out the window.


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