I’m working hard on the book and wanted to share a little piece that I think translates far beyond the tip stage.


Walking away from the stripping world was just the beginning in a life-long journey to find my worth.

I’m still learning.

But you don’t need a history of dancing naked on stage, addiction or abuse to come full circle. Every one of us has a story.

This is the part where you tell me – what was something you did that made yourself believe you were worthy of love and belonging?

How do you find your worth?

11 thoughts on “Universal

  1. So true!

    I need a belly aching laugh after all the ball busting I did over the past two days…give me a seek peak into a Pour Some Sugar On Me lol moment. I need some comic relief! (the show was great, btw, just exhausting!)


  2. At 23 years old, I got a job, threw the father of my two young children, whom I had been with since the far too young age of 14 out of the house, and I changed the locks….
    One day I just realized that I was better than what I was being. I was worthy of someone who would NOT tell me that I wasnt worth marrying…. And I would be a much better mother without the weight of him dragging me under.


  3. Unfortunately my addiction to opiates and booze had to come full circle. Trying to kill me over and over again, I made the choice at 40 that I wanted to live, not just for my husband who adored, or my beautiful heathly 3 year old boys, I did it for me. That is the beautiful journey that I began and continue. I still feel pain, not from substance’s, just from life, but that’s the life I chose, the truth on life’s terms. Of course I can handle pain much better these days but until I accept every person place or thing, for being just the way they are, that pain can continue. So it is now 11 1/2 years later, I realize, only “I” can continue to make this journey beautiful. And as you know, I still have my partner of 19 years, who still adores me and two very healthy teenage boys. You keep writing cause I love your work and I honestly feel great at this point for reading and writing! Love you, P


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