Logical or emotional: how do you fly?

A revision of original post from 2009
One of the only times I wish I were more logical than emotional is when I travel.
It’s been years since I’ve flown longer than an hour. I’ll be headed to central America in February, and I gotta say, as excited as I am for this adventure, I can do without the five-hour commute. Fear seems to trump the thrill whenever I board a plane.
Back when pill-popping was my favorite time suck, all it took to calm my nerves on a plane was five milligrams of Xanax (high tolerance much?), knocked back with a couple mimosas. Sure I’d wake up covered in drool, hazy with confusion, but hey – no anxiety!
I’ve heard creative folks tend to fear flying more than their logical-thinking counterparts. Being a card-carrying member of the left brain society, I fit that bill. I imagine shards of glass exploding, the smell of flesh burning in the smokey cockpit and hear screaming voices almost louder than my own – and all because of a little turbulance. It’s awesome.
I am going to be fine, I know – but it still feels like I won’t, when I am in the air. A therapist told me once it was a control thing, but I’m not sure I’d be any calmer at the head of the plane with the controls in my hands. In fact, I’m sure I’d find a way to freak.
So tell me: Are you a logical or emotional person? And are you afraid of flying?

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