Ch ch ch changes

I’m not one for change. I like what I like, and that’s it. Even when I think I’m happy, turns out, I’m just content with the way things are. Content is all well and good, but it doesn’t scratch the itch we all have in terms of personal fulfillment.

Content may be the symphony, but Happy is the dance.

Have you ever said “I’ve always wanted to…” and never found a way to make it happen? What about that thing you’ve been putting off because you just don’t have the time or energy, but it’s still on the front burner of your mental dream list?

When a friend passed unexpectedly last week, I literally felt shock waves throughout his circle of friends and family.

Tragedy has a way of waking us up.

Markus D Manley

I wasn’t terribly close with Markus, but that’s the thing about him – you didn’t need to be to have his influence wash over you. He was and continues to be a light of unparalleled energy and intent.

From our very first conversation, I felt his vision and passion for the arts. I saw myself in him; the way our eyes lit up when exchanging stories and professional plans. He was a visionary and person of substance.

As so many of us have and still do, I looked up to him as a dude who got his shit done. What he wanted, he sought and conquered. What he envisioned, he created. Check out his legacy WE Labs. Is there anything more RAD?

On the heels of such a monumental life change – the loss of someone so young (39) and so inspiring – I’ve decided to channel my inner Markus and go for it.

I’ve been on the fence with these changes for a while – but have finally taken the steps to make my own shit happen.

I’m moving from Orange County to Long Beach, which is much better suited to my personal and political taste. I’m adopting a dog (I’ve been wanting to do since moving to California in 1996). And after much influence, discussion and inspiration from my new Guatemala family of warrior women  – I’m founding my own storytelling series (think: The Moth & Lip Service).

Bring. It. On.

imagesAm I freaked out? Fuck yes. Will that stop me? Not a chance.

Stay tuned for more. I’m sure there will be many learning lessons along the way for everyone’s entertainment, least of not mine.

If there’s anything that the sudden passing of a loved one teaches us, it’s that tomorrow is promised to no one.

We must drop kick our fears of the unknown and allow the light of our passion to lead the way to our heart’s fulfillment.

We must dance – unabashedly – in the face of personal freedom. And in doing so, we honor those whose lives were cut short, but not without profound purpose.

I’m so ready for a change. Who’s with me?


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