The Incomparable Dr. Bigelow

Perspective is delicious. Comparison is dangerous. When you combine the two, sometimes you’ll find yourself in the middle of a Sports Guy Chest Bump with the type of nirvana only a three-legged dog and Charles Grodin can serve – Louis CK being the master chef of such delectable comedy cuisine.

It’s an acquired taste. You either satiate on the comedic texture of humanity and all her fucked up idiosyncrasies, or you don’t. For those who do, we find ourselves licking the fingertips of the rolling credits counting the days until we get another taste.

If you’re one of the millions of viewers who tuned in to the latest episode (six, season four) of Louie (Monday nights on FX), you’re picking up what Louis CK so sharply laid down.

Booya. It’s so obvious. Your life really doesn’t suck. Well, not as much as those guys. And you don’t hear them complaining, do you? Besides, as Grodin’s hilariously played apathetic Dr. Bigelow explains to a lost-boy-seaking-advice-Louie – nobody really cares:

Doc:  So, you want me to advise you about what?

Louie:  I’ve been dating this woman and I don’t know if I should keep dating her because she’s leaving the country – I’m not gonna get to stay with her. And I’m liking her more and more, so it’s, you know…

Doc:  Here’s what I can tell you. In medical school they tell you about thousands of things that can happen to the body. Diseases and maladies that you could never dream up. There’s a thing where your bones dissolve and you just become a sack or organs.

People are born sometimes with no eyes, no face. They’re rare but neurological diseases that eat half of your brain. People are born sick and they never know a moment of anything but pain and suffering.

Nobody cares whether you date this girl. Just pick a road and go down it, or don’t.

Louie:  But there’s gotta be a way to decide, which one’s gonna make me happier. To predict…

Doc: Take a look at this dog. How many legs does it have?

Louie: Three

Doc:  The answer is, it has plenty of legs. Had four, but a coyote in Poughkeepsie chewed the other one off.

Look at his face. Perfectly happy. Belly is full. Just looking, waiting to see what comes next.

You know the only thing happier than a three-legged dog? A four-legged dog.

Perspective is delicious. Comparison is dangerous. When you have a reminder to appreciate everything you have, no matter how fucked up you think you’ve got it? Well that’s just priceless.

Thanks for the wake up call, Louie. Don’t stop cooking.











2 thoughts on “The Incomparable Dr. Bigelow

  1. I love this! Never watched the show, but the message is a good one. God it’s so, so hard not to compare ourselves to others… and the choices we may or not make. Glad to have found your blog


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