Good News Tuesday: Volunteers Turn Abandoned Buildings into Apartments for Homeless Vets

New year. Old traditions. Let’s keep this Good News train going…

With so much darkness in the world. I thought I’d shed some light; some GOOD NEWS. 

We could all use a reminder that – just because it’s not on the front page – doesn’t mean GOOD NEWS isn’t out there.

Stay tuned for regular posts that will warm your heart, rejuvenate your spirit and boost your faith in humanity.


Today’s Good News story comes to us from The Good News Network. The article is written by Emmy-winning producer, former television news reporter and anchor Terry Turner.

Volunteers Turn Abandoned Buildings into Apartments for Homeless Vets

Volunteers have started remodeling hundred-year-old apartments in Ohio to serve as new homes for homeless veterans.

Iron Soup Historical Preservation is reworking old buildings in Campbell, Ohio, and hope to have the first apartments completed shortly. They believe they can remodel 160 old apartments in town to create a “veteran community” and roll back homelessness among vets.

Brian Reed owns a construction company and spent the weekend putting down tile, setting up drywall, and modernizing bathrooms in two apartments—all for free. Other companies and professionals have donated building materials and furniture to the cause.


The old apartments are part of a “company town” housing development constructed by Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company for its workers a century ago, which are abandoned but now on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Work started over the weekend on the first pair of units which will provide shelter for four vets until they can find permanent housing.

“There are all kinds of units around here,” Iron Soup’s executive director Linda Gens told WKBN News. “They can all be rehabbed and it doesn’t take much money.”

Iron Soup has raised thousands of dollars toward their goal, but volunteer labor is going a long way in rehabbing the apartments. DONATE toward this major effort at the group’s GoFundMe campaign.

(WATCH the video below from WKBN News) — Photo: YouTube


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