Too many tears of late

I cannot comprehend

I know I’m not alone

Let’s begin again


If happiness is born from agony

And beauty, from the wreckage

Then laughter is around the bend

On the corner of Lessons and Message


To push away the ones we love

Then weep over the lonely

Is incomparable insanity

A type of suicide where we fade slowly


Too many tears of late

The canvas, too dark in hue

I cannot possibly be alone with the thought

Of hoping for a new


One comment

  1. Hi. Christine, it’s nice to hear from you again! I enjoy your intellectual philosophy and poetry. I’m a friend of Allison here in Weekie Wachee. She referred me to you the day of Chris Cornell’s death. I am a musician and a song writer so I can appreciate the depths from which you write! We must live in the present and only use the past to connect to a prosperous future. By bridging current decisions through reflection we ultimately charge our intuition that enables us to secure our own happiness through self respect, and…. humility!


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