Christine Macdonald’s writing is raw, pure, moving, self-deprecating & thought-provoking. Magical yet relatable. I dare anyone who reads Macdonald’s stories not to get goosebumps.

Kirsten Johnston – Emmy-winning star of  3rd Rock from the Sun, TV Land’s ‘the exes’ & author of the New York Times best-selling GUTS



Larry Smith
“The Real Larry” from Orange is the New Black

Christine Macdonald’s story, “Sunset Strip” in the anthology THE MOMENT: Wild, Poignant, Life-Changing Stories from 125 Writers and Artists Famous & Obscure is everything a personal essay wants to be and rarely is: at once raw and refined and uniquely singular in its subject matter and yet powerfully universal in its examination of the choices we all have to make in life. Christine’s writing gets inside your soul and sticks  closely to your bones. 

Larry Smith, Author, Founder, SMITH Magazine, editor of The Moment, Creator of Six-Word Memoir book series

Christine and Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black.

Side note: You may know of Larry’s alter ego – played by Jason Biggs on the award-winning television series Orange is the New Black. The Netflix Series is a huge success and it all started with Larry Smith’s wife, Piper Kerman. I had the pleasure of meeting her and was thrilled to chat about memoir writing.


LilyBuranaStripCityChristine Macdonald is both a chronicler of the underworld and a beacon of hope.

What never fails to inspire me is her deeply held, hard-won belief that a girl with a dark past can have a bright future.

Lily Burana – Author of Strip City, Try, I Love a Man in Uniform & Founder of “Operation Bombshell” , the world’s only burlesque school for military wives.



“What I love most about Christine’s writing is that it‘s laugh out loud funny. At times shockingly honest. She provides a rare insight into a world of drugs and debauchery that most won’t enter but the life lessons she shares have universal lessons.

She is brave to look at herself so honestly and does so with her trademark humor & vulnerability. One moment you will be gasping the next laughing.” –

Kirsty Spraggon – Award Winning Speaker, Tedx Speaker, Author, Founder of KirstyTV

Christine’s story is a beautiful blend of esoteric background and universal experiences and discoveries. She is unapologetic about her history, nor does she seem to be looking for absolution from her readers. Rather, she courageously takes ownership of her past and shares with us the lessons life has taught her – lessons with which …most of us can identify.

Her humor and intelligence carry the narrative, even in stories that otherwise might be difficult to read, and she ably demonstrates to her readers that there are a lot of paths that lead to the same good place.

I recommend her writing to anyone who may be feeling marginalized by circumstance; there is almost certainly a place in Christine’s story and in her heart for you.

D.P. Handy – Author, Award Winning Essayist


Ray Richmond

Christine tells her fascinating, powerful story with uncompromising passion and heart. She wears her still-raw emotions right out there on her sleeve, and we can’t help but get swept up in her candid journey from stripper’s pole to sensitive soul.

This is going to be one helluva memoir. I’m pre-ordering it on Amazon right now to beat the rush.

Ray Richmond — Journalist, Author, Hollywood Reporter, Playwright


JeremyTobackCertain heartbroken yarns move us because we see the beauty about to be born in the wreckage.  Christine’s is that kind of story: stark, honest, and sad with the sweet promise of something good to come.  I’ve had the honor of hearing her read from an opening chapter recently, so I know something of the beginning and the end, and deeply want to learn how she got from one to the other!

Jeremy Toback – Musician, Author


Christine’s true life take on the seamy world of stripping is a thrilling, voyeuristic peek into a world of debauchery where few dare to linger. Her stories of the life she left behind are filled with poignancy and the eye-opening truth that there are real girls on those poles. Real girls who once had different dreams. At times her tales are hilarious, with talk of flying stilettos and gassy strippers.

At times her bittersweet saga is heartbreaking. Every stripper has a story. Christine paints a portrait so vivid and undeniable, I cannot get enough of her story. I’ll be the first in line for this book.

Joann Cleveland Mannix – Writer, Award Winning Blogger

DaveUrsilloAs a devout student of life and lover of real human stories, I’ve found myself so strongly drawn to Christine and her powerful story of perseverance, determination and survival. Christine’s heart shines through her writing. And her story is such a powerful one that I know that each of her readers will connect so deeply with the memories of her old self years ago, searching for meaning on the streets of Waikiki. Years later, now an author, there’s little question that Christine has found a profound level of meaning in her life; thankfully, we are all privileged to come along for the journey, and benefit from the words that she gives us to read.

Dave Ursillo – Alternative Leadership Author & Speaker

Christine’s story is very inspiring and progressive. She looks at herself honestly and deeply and, with her writing, make some very raw assessments. Something in her core moves her beyond trapped consciousness. Some people live their entire lives without ever coming close to such enlightenment.

Linda Ternoir – Fine Artist

The Best Thing red author names

Love it. Christine makes vivid a world I knew nothing about.

Her tales are teasingly seedy, brutally honest and vaguely, strangely, heartwarming.

Cannot wait to read the full memoir!

Jimmy Rice –  Author of The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (co-written with Laura Tait)