Happiness For Sale?

. It's what we all work for. What we need to provide for our families. Not having enough keeps us awake, and having too much is a dream. We take it for granted, disrespect it, even gamble with it. And these days, it doesn't come easy.   When I was a stripper, I made great … Continue reading Happiness For Sale?

Six Degrees of CPK

Sometimes it takes going home again to realize a part of you never really left. As a child of addiction and a recovering party-girl myself, I have a mean case of arrested emotional development. This is an abnormal state in which mental development has stopped prematurely – at the age when a person uses drugs and those … Continue reading Six Degrees of CPK

90’s Flashback: The Strip

. Strippers from the mainland always came to Waikiki to work and hearing their stories left me chomping at the bit. Having never left the island, I felt it was time to take myself on an adventure and see how the rest of the world lived; well one town anyway. . Three years into my … Continue reading 90’s Flashback: The Strip