You’re not a Pussy

I was seventeen. He was 27. A one-night-stand-turned-partner in bed, turned roommate "boyfriend". A coke dealer who spoke with his cock and screamed with his fists. Three years and nine months we lived together. We fucked and fought like animals, but walking hand-in-hand remained elusive. "I'll never walk with you because of your skin." The … Continue reading You’re not a Pussy

A Narcissist’s Harem: Are you in one?

After reading these two brilliant pieces: Narcissistic Harem’s In A Nutshell – Why it’s time to stop envying the ex and various hanger-on’s ; The Narcissist and His Harem: Why You Should Decline Membership - I picked my jaw from the floor and felt compelled to share:  * * * Let me start by saying that … Continue reading A Narcissist’s Harem: Are you in one?

Universal, Part II

Most people think it's just the addicts who get lost in their own web. As a follow-up to my recent post about seeking validation, here's another excerpt from my forthcoming book that may shift your perception. Or not. It's true that addicts have a brain disease. That's why our actions are so insane when we … Continue reading Universal, Part II