Right Now.

Right now. This very second. Someone is thinking of you, grateful for you - just as you are. Now take a deep breath and let that truth wash over you. I recently satiated on one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies (next to Shawshank, Almost Famous, Postcards From the Edge). No matter … Continue reading Right Now.

Do you obsess or let go?

. Being obsessive is a pain in the ass. In the last two weeks I have submitted two essays; one was to Salon and the other to the New York Times. I’m beside myself with angst. What if I were published? What if I’m not? What if, what if. I don’t need anyone to tell … Continue reading Do you obsess or let go?

What If Monster

There is a monster in all of our minds and she’s a total bitch. She smells of self-doubt and cynicism. She is the sassy girl who knows you are but what is she. She is never far when we are taking steps to follow our dreams. I attended a conference call today titled “How do … Continue reading What If Monster