Face. Value.

I sat upright on the examining table, the thin paper rustling under the backs of my knees. I tapped my heels against the sides like a restless child waiting for her lollipop. I wondered  - at what age in child development did doctors stop shelling out candy? And how cool would it be now to … Continue reading Face. Value.

Skin Deep: What made me start stripping at 19

"Everybody has scars. It's just that most people wear them on the inside" - M.W. Stromberg At Fourteen, I didn’t have any big life dreams other than to fit in with the rest of the 80's misfits in high school. In a sea of Member’s Only jackets, leg warmers, pastel Izod polo shirts and Z … Continue reading Skin Deep: What made me start stripping at 19

Mirror Mirror

Do you remember looking in the mirror as a child pretending you were a star? Your hairbrush and bath towel transformed into a microphone and luxurious locks. You belted out the soundtrack to Grease and flipped that terry cloth hairdo giving Farrah Fawcett a run for her money. Or maybe that's just me. Whatever your … Continue reading Mirror Mirror