A better understanding

In 1981, I was a Kristy McNichol look-alike, but with slightly larger, Bugs Bunny teeth crowding my oversized-smile. My thick, mousy brown waves had a life of their own and always seemed to lose the battle with the Hawaiian island humidity. I was an average sized tomboy who tanned easily with an SPF army of … Continue reading A better understanding

Crazy is the new black

Being medicated is like being in the criminal system: once you get locked in, it’s hard to get out. I’ve been called coke whore, boozer, pill-popper and just plain crazy. I have answered to all. When unsupervised, my brain can be chaos. Thanks to self-induced damage from decades of abuse and good old-fashioned hard-wiring there … Continue reading Crazy is the new black

Driving me back

  There is something about road trips alone that bring reflection. I drove a little under four hours today. That's a lot of thinking. This story is 100% true and a result of that. 1995 - Waikiki “I don’t want to live any more." One, one-thousand. Two, one-thousand. Three seconds of silence filled the line … Continue reading Driving me back