The water was choppy and colder than I was used to, but on this triple-digit day there was no debate. "It's too hot" "Right!?" He was faced-down on his towel, but the beads of sweat on his back agreed. "I'm going in." I stood up, brushed the sand from my palms and pranced my completely naked, out-of-shape … Continue reading 21


When your lashes unlace to greet the light. Your body uncoils, unwrapping your flesh from her thread-count comfort. You discover reassurance. It's close to normal, this sacred breadth you've reclaimed as your own. You stretch, allowing your lungs to expand and release within the space of familiar. What's old is slowly new again. You are singular but not small. When brushing … Continue reading Soon

Universe, you little bitch

These past few days have been a real meat grinder of fun. We all have 'em. Those moments in life where we feel...just...content...enough....and we allow ourselves space to slowly exhale. We maybe even release our seatbelt for a bit and settle into the idea that things are finally looking up. Then. As usual. Shit. Fan. … Continue reading Universe, you little bitch