When your lashes unlace to greet the light. Your body uncoils, unwrapping your flesh from her thread-count comfort. You discover reassurance. It's close to normal, this sacred breadth you've reclaimed as your own. You stretch, allowing your lungs to expand and release within the space of familiar. What's old is slowly new again. You are singular but not small. When brushing … Continue reading Soon

Artifact: a music lover’s review

ar·ti·fact       noun \ˈär-ti-ˌfakt\      : a simple object (such as a tool or weapon) that was made by people in the past      : an accidental effect that causes incorrect results   This article isn’t coming from a cubicle nestled in a concrete jungle of Corporate America. There are no supervisory editors in suits to … Continue reading Artifact: a music lover’s review

Good News Tuesday: ‘Tis the season

Ah. GOOD NEWS. It's out there. Harder to find than the heartbreaking stories that seem to blanket our media streams? Yes. But don't give up. There is a lot of GOOD NEWS in this world. Even if we do have to dig a little deeper to find it. Every once in a while, I'll highlight … Continue reading Good News Tuesday: ‘Tis the season