Sine Metu (Without Fear)

  "Your fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival."  ~ Steve Maraboli If we placed our fears in a petri dish and the universe asked what it needed in order to survive, we all know the short and long of it - it's us. We've seen the Pinterest boards and Facebook quotes. We get it. The only … Continue reading Sine Metu (Without Fear)

Imagine that

The flickering nightlight threaded in the crack of your doorway is a lighthouse. You're eyes close and you're there, high above the sea. The howling breath of the night knocks you over, cursing your safety. She whispers in front of a thunderous roar, laughing at you as you clutch to your favorite animal under the blanket. You open your … Continue reading Imagine that

What If Monster

There is a monster in all of our minds and she’s a total bitch. She smells of self-doubt and cynicism. She is the sassy girl who knows you are but what is she. She is never far when we are taking steps to follow our dreams. I attended a conference call today titled “How do … Continue reading What If Monster