Finish the sentence…

It’s always fun to step up to the question-plate when it causes us to ponder our beliefs. Our answers may not only surprise us personally, but in sharing on a public forum, they can help open up the doors of perception with others. People who may not even realize with a little introspection, they’ve come a long way (baby).

It’s worth checking out these amazing comments from the original Finish the Sentence post from last year (When I was a kid, I thought  ________, but the older I get, I realize  __________.). 

And now it’s time to throw another one out and see what you insightful, beautiful, darling readers contribute.

So let’s do this.


Finish this sentence:

“I always believed that __________________, but after
____________________, I realized how OFF BASE I was!”


There are NO WRONG ANSWERS. Your sentence can be about parenting, love, school, blogging, dating, stripping, drugs, exercise, needle-point, sky-diving, dieting, sex… ANYTHING.

This post doesn’t work without your participation, so thank you for playing in the comment section below. As always, you have the option to remain anonymous.


Christine Macdonald

Finish the sentence

With such an awesome response to our last Finish The Sentence, about personal growth and self-realization, I’m continuing this exercise. Today, it’s about middle age – how we perceived it as a child, and how we relate to it now.

Whether you are in your 40s, approaching them, or think of them as a memory. Let’s share our thoughts. You may be enlightened by what you read, or at the very least – entertained.

So here we go. Please finish the sentence:

“When I was a kid, I thought being 40 was _____________________ , and now that I’m older, well it’s ___________________.”

Thank you for playing!

Christine Macdonald

Finish the sentence


This is a great exercise in self-realization, and personal growth. It can be as simple, or difficult as you make it. Don’t over think, just write whatever comes to mind.

Let’s enjoy reading your comments and learning about one another, and maybe even a little about ourselves.

Finish The Sentence:

When I was a kid, I thought  ___________________, but the older I get, I realize  ______________________________.

Thank you for commenting your entry, and please share this post, so we can read your fabulous realizations!

Happy Weekend,

Christine Macdonald