The Incomparable Dr. Bigelow

Perspective is delicious. Comparison is dangerous. When you combine the two, sometimes you'll find yourself in the middle of a Sports Guy Chest Bump with the type of nirvana only a three-legged dog and Charles Grodin can serve - Louis CK being the master chef of such delectable comedy cuisine. It's an acquired taste. You either satiate on the … Continue reading The Incomparable Dr. Bigelow

Blow on this

Introspection is no picnic. Much more fun to live in the clouds, breathing in the intoxicating vapor of denial and frivolity. Getting high on the life we pretend to live has its moments, but there's no mistaking the gnawing jabs in our gut when we know at some point, we gotta come clean. Bottom line - it's … Continue reading Blow on this

Logical or emotional: how do you fly?

A revision of original post from 2009   One of the only times I wish I were more logical than emotional is when I travel.   It's been years since I've flown longer than an hour. I'll be headed to central America in February, and I gotta say, as excited as I am for this adventure, … Continue reading Logical or emotional: how do you fly?