Bullying badges of honor

We gathered outside for some fresh air around midnight. Exhausted from the rush, but grateful for our tips, we enjoyed the cool breeze and a well deserved after work cocktail. The restaurant was always busy on Saturday nights, but because of Gay Pride weekend, the place was crazier than ever. There were five of us, … Continue reading Bullying badges of honor

Good News Tuesday: Charter for Compassion

There is so much negative news out there ("if it bleeds, it leads"), some of us have chosen to stop reading/watching the news entirely. I'd like to help change that. Every Tuesday I will highlight an article I find that focuses on GOOD news. This column is called Good News Tuesday. Spread the word. This … Continue reading Good News Tuesday: Charter for Compassion

Holy Sh*t!

. . "Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul" ~Samuel Ullman . I knew I was a grown up when… 20’s I could stay out all night and go to work the following day unscathed Random sex was considered a rite of passage I could buy my own booze … Continue reading Holy Sh*t!