Ménage à Cardio: I’m stronger than I thought

"There's no way." My head is shakes in protest. "I am not a runner.” Trainer Dude gives me half a grin with a combination raised eyebrow head tilt. He understands but doesn’t care. “We’ll see.” His tone is borderline annoying. Shit. This is what I pay him for. I nod obediently and agree to his … Continue reading Ménage à Cardio: I’m stronger than I thought

Metabolism Mistress

. . We’ve all done it: Saved that pair of pants from one (or two) sizes ago with the forthright conviction of wearing them again. That button-closing-euphoria feeling you experience alone in your bedroom is better than sex. Well, almost. But who can think of naked play time when your skinny jeans are mocking you … Continue reading Metabolism Mistress