Coming clean

Back when I drank and drugged my hot ass into oblivion, waking up covered in a dirty film of "how could you?" was a typical afternoon occurrence. My denial and narcissism was a brilliant excuse for such hideous behavior. The constant lying. All the cheating. Even stealing from my own family members to get high. … Continue reading Coming clean

Mirror Mirror, is that ME?

Ever look at old photos and think to yourself - Holy Shit, is that me? It may seem crazy to want to share my ugliest, most horrific, life-altering moments with the world, but THIS is what gives our pain meaning. In sharing our pain, we take back the power our struggles rob us of when we feel … Continue reading Mirror Mirror, is that ME?


If you're anything like me, when something sticks in your mind, you just know it's for a reason. The Universe, she's fun that way. Like earlier this week, when I nearly lost my mind, trying to find a crucially important legal document. I tore apart my office, car, kitchen - twice. In doing so I made … Continue reading When