The Marriage of Love: A Song For Everyone

I’m not the kind of person

Who keeps her thoughts at bay

Who sweeps things under the rug

If I think it – I’m gonna say


So when I see a video

That makes my heart sing and skip a beat

I can’t, for the life of me fathom

How some people think gay marriage equals defeat


No disrespect to anyone’s religion

Please, believe what you wish – and more

But if your faith brings you to discriminate or even hate

You may want to re-think that door


With so much anguish, pain and suffering

Our world is in need of repair 

We need to get back to basics: Love, Respect, Care


For the naysayers of the world

I hope you watch this video and can truly feel

Beyond what you may have been taught as a child 

Because LOVE between same-sex partners is real


Thank you, Christian and Brad

And everyone who helped make their special day shine

It’s this type of positive media coverage 

That truly turns water into wine


~ ~ ~

Video courtesy of Christian Siriano My warmest congratulations and love to the newlyweds!

~ ~ ~

PS: Kjo (Kristen Johnston, wedding officiant) you were stunning, and as usual made me laugh and cry. Bitch.


Christine Macdonald

Should you stay for the kids?

Everyone knows, when the time comes where the person who used to give you butterflies now gives you nausea, you bail. We’ve all been through it – our one true love, soul mate, can’t live without lover-slash-best-friend-slash beacon of support becomes nothing more than the person we can’t bear to spend another minute with. So we end it. Or they do, because maybe we’re too whipped, scared to be alone, frozen with finance troubles, or all of the above.  

Or maybe you stay for the kids. Or do you? In terms of life-changing-wholy-shit-what-do-I dos, that’s the toughest one of all. I mean really, what’s worse – coming from, or being raised

Christine Macdonald