The cost of clutter

One hundred fifty dollars is a good sum of money for just about anything. It could be considered a hefty tip on stage back in my stripping days, or a huge dent in my wallet if paying a speeding ticket. Not this time. This week it was the cost of attaining a portion of self-worth … Continue reading The cost of clutter


Here is my interview with the National Association of Memoir Writers.   * * * An Interview with Christine About Her Memoir Writing Journey So Far NAMW: Tell us what you want to write about, or what you are working on. Christine: I’m currently working on a memoir about my life as an exotic dancer … Continue reading Interview

Crazy is the new black

Being medicated is like being in the criminal system: once you get locked in, it’s hard to get out. I’ve been called coke whore, boozer, pill-popper and just plain crazy. I have answered to all. When unsupervised, my brain can be chaos. Thanks to self-induced damage from decades of abuse and good old-fashioned hard-wiring there … Continue reading Crazy is the new black