Universal, Part II

Most people think it's just the addicts who get lost in their own web. As a follow-up to my recent post about seeking validation, here's another excerpt from my forthcoming book that may shift your perception. Or not. It's true that addicts have a brain disease. That's why our actions are so insane when we … Continue reading Universal, Part II

A safe kind of high: My unexpected relapse

You would think after fifteen years, my memories of "rolling" and free-falling inside myself would be strung together on a distant, blurry line, for which I am older and wiser living clear on the other side. For the most part, this is true. I can't remember my last night taking Molly (we called it ecstasy, or … Continue reading A safe kind of high: My unexpected relapse

The Customer is Always Trite

Customers of strip clubs are like used cars in auto malls - there's always a variety of inventory, and each wishes you would ride them. The majority of this hodgepodge of horny were harmless, lonely men. Not surprisingly, I describe my old stripper-self the exact same way. Perhaps both ends of the stage simply wanted … Continue reading The Customer is Always Trite