Your Crazy is Showing

So here's the thing. I'm crazy. Not in a Have the Lambs Stopped Crying, Clarice? crazy. But enough to warrant psychotherapy and be excused from the occasional jury duty order (my bright idea that, no doubt will kick my kharma down the road, I'm sure). So how crazy is my Crazy? Being an adult entertainer in my former life … Continue reading Your Crazy is Showing

An obsessive, bionic, Japanese speaking snoop?

1992 (24 yrs old) Donna (left) and me (right) on Halloween in the dressing room. Note the poster of Eric on the door. On the heels of gal pal Dalai Lina's post today, I'm going to share five things about myself that you don't know - then ask you to share a little about YOU. … Continue reading An obsessive, bionic, Japanese speaking snoop?

Do you obsess or let go?

. Being obsessive is a pain in the ass. In the last two weeks I have submitted two essays; one was to Salon and the other to the New York Times. I’m beside myself with angst. What if I were published? What if I’m not? What if, what if. I don’t need anyone to tell … Continue reading Do you obsess or let go?