Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

"I watch the ripples change their size But never leave the stream Of warm impermanence And so the days float through my eyes But still the days seem the same" - David Bowie   Lying under the covers, I check my phone to confirm the alarm feature is turned on. As I tally up the … Continue reading Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Gay Pride, Straight Sex and Bloody Marys (Book Excerpt)

1992 - 24 years old Michael dropped me at the Castro district in front of the café where Monroe and his friends were having brunch. As he lifted his helmet to kiss me goodbye, I heard applause from the restaurant patio, and we shared a giggle before he drove off on his motorcycle into the … Continue reading Gay Pride, Straight Sex and Bloody Marys (Book Excerpt)

The Love Riddle

Having a conversation about past relationships recently served up the usual questions. "You love them, sure. But were you ever 'in love' with this person?" As soon as I asked, memories of my own past relationships popped up in my head. Sometimes the answers are never as simple as the questions - and only leave … Continue reading The Love Riddle