Fat. Chance.

Most women at some point in their lives have struggled with their weight. And if you're over 30 and have and access to social media, magazines, television, movie theaters and/or advertising (plugging anything from sports cars to carrot juice) you're probably not down with  fat. It's an ugly word. It says so much in the … Continue reading Fat. Chance.

Photoshop and Filters: Evil or Blessing?

I love it when things go viral these days and it doesn't involve peeing in a cup or blood test. Thanks to the internet, the term "going viral" has a whole new connotation from when I was in my college (fine, stripping) years. There's that one chick who burned her hair off while performing a … Continue reading Photoshop and Filters: Evil or Blessing?

Thanks Andrew

Nagivating through Social Media is a lot like dating. If you're like me (40s, happily single, yet actively out there), you don't mind venturing into new territory, but have zero patience for bullshit. So much of what's out here on the information super highway is coated in a grimy, finger-smudged film of judgment, ignorance and fame-whore-ish-ness; one hand waving … Continue reading Thanks Andrew