If you're anything like me, when something sticks in your mind, you just know it's for a reason. The Universe, she's fun that way. Like earlier this week, when I nearly lost my mind, trying to find a crucially important legal document. I tore apart my office, car, kitchen - twice. In doing so I made … Continue reading When

Beauty lesson: I never saw it coming

The other day, my friend and co-worker Diane asked what time I was headed to the break room for lunch. "About 1:00." "Cool, maybe I'll meet you for a bit." . It was a nice surprise to have Diane sit with me and my regular lunch date, Rebecah, as she rarely leaves her desk. . … Continue reading Beauty lesson: I never saw it coming

In the eye of the beholder

  Sometimes life throws us lessons so powerful we need to take a moment. Last night Kevin and I were watching a documentary on the Discovery Health channel about man with facial tumors covering more than half his face. It was fascinating and heartbreaking to watch the interview. I’ve never seen anything like it: massive … Continue reading In the eye of the beholder