Coming clean

Back when I drank and drugged my hot ass into oblivion, waking up covered in a dirty film of "how could you?" was a typical afternoon occurrence. My denial and narcissism was a brilliant excuse for such hideous behavior. The constant lying. All the cheating. Even stealing from my own family members to get high. … Continue reading Coming clean

Popular Chaos: How Smartphones affect us

Remember in [the movie] Sixteen Candles when Molly Ringwald's character Samantha (Sam) confesses via secret note that she'd, like totally bang Jake Ryan? She drops the paper on the classroom floor over her shoulder expecting her BFF Randi to pick it up immediately. Like most of her classmates, Randi is bored shitless and nearly faced-down on her … Continue reading Popular Chaos: How Smartphones affect us

Thanks Andrew

Nagivating through Social Media is a lot like dating. If you're like me (40s, happily single, yet actively out there), you don't mind venturing into new territory, but have zero patience for bullshit. So much of what's out here on the information super highway is coated in a grimy, finger-smudged film of judgment, ignorance and fame-whore-ish-ness; one hand waving … Continue reading Thanks Andrew